House Raccoon is designed by a happy Belgian couple, Anneleen & Nathan, who love to design and develop thoughtful interior design products. Since September 2017, they started creating their very own concrete interior objects. Designing, handcrafting and carefully packing the concretes: literally every step of the process is done by them in their Belgian atelier. Every piece is a unique handmade addition to your home as there are no two objects the same.

Their passion for perfection has led to months of research and consulting with industry experts. The result: a custom developed, high-tech concrete mix with superior qualities. A great example of that is the addition of marble dust which not only makes the concrete stronger but is also a waste product of marble production which would normally be dumped into big piles, destroying the nature around it.

Last but not least, they’ve added something which is personally very important to them and us at MAIS OUI. Apart from upcycling some materials (the marble dust), they really wanted to help the environment. With your help, they want to make a real and lasting contribution. Therefore, they plant one tree for every (!) single concrete object that is sold. Be it from our webshop or from a local brick and mortar store. The concretes have the ability to create forests around the world which will improve the lives of countless animals and people living around them.