Katrien Smets is the first Belgian ecocentric label that wants to combine the best of both worlds, being sexy and at the same time being nice to our planet. Be aware of what you wear, but do it in style!
Katrien Smets is more than a brand, it’s a way of life. It’s about loving life and nature, it’s about music and getting the message across.  We don’t compromise… we want it all!  The message that Katrien Smets wants to bring is a message of dreams where everything is possible. That’s what being ecocentric is all about.
Wearing a Katrien Smets item means being fashionable sensitive but cool enough to care. All Katrien Smets apparel is fair and committed to sustainable practices. The ink that is used for the prints is environmentally friendly. The labels are made of recycled paper. For every piece that is sold 1m² nature around cities in Belgium is bought and taken care of by Natuurpunt.