Me & Mats wants to fill the world with happy thoughts and good vibes, guts & glory, Clooney & Pitt, sunshine & getting perfectly tanned without a sunburn …

Maybe we can’t save the world with chocolates and candles, but taking the time to let our loved ons know they’re in your thoughts can empower them to find gold in the simplest moments.

Sometimes, the worst things in life can inspire a radical, but positive change. Me&Mats was created after founder Astrid lost her son Mats. Me& Mats was born to spread a message to the world: there is gold in even the smallest moments. Seek out happiness in the little things you come across and do whatever brings you and your loved ones the most joy.

The products
Representing true craftmanship, sourced with a passion for quality from small family owned factories across Europe. Vegan, fair trade, paraben free and sulphate free.

The range is continually growing. It currently consists of scented candles, matches, chocolate, hand soaps, diffusers, … A lot of the products are packaged with lots of love by the hands of very able disabled people.
What’s not to like about this brand?