STORM & MARIE was founded by Signe Vedel and Kim Vedel Hansen in 2010 in Copenhagen. Named after their twins, they started the company a few years after their birth and their journey.

It’s a deeply personal project for and it has become even more so. They are evolving as a brand and they are taking responsibility for the next generation and the world they will inherit from us.

At MAIS OUI we have sold Storm & Marie for several seasons before. But what really attracted us to work with them again, was their total change to become a real responsible brand (they call it responsible, not sustainable). Trying to make timeless collections, by taking care of who makes the clothes and which fabrics are used.

Their mission is to take greater responsibility for our industry, and ultimately our planet. Their vision is to create a more ethical and responsible brand. “We are not perfect, but we will try to behave with deep respect for our world and the generations to come. Every day. And it does make a difference. We want to show our customers that you can make a difference by choosing brands that take responsibility. Democratic, open and honest design is the core of our operations. We believe that design and responsibility can, and should, go hand in hand.”