Wearable Stories is a Belgian brand designed by Loredana Falone. She believes that high quality fabrics should go hand in hand with fair trade and sustainable fashion. She believes in sophisticated items which show that details matter; in philosophy of colours, and in the strength of every woman to create her own wearable story.

After travelling extensively and feeling inspired by diverse countries and numerous cultures, the story of Wearable Stories started on the other side of the world, in Bali. Living the island life, Loredana was introduced to a moving world of opportunities and challenges. The different lifestyle, freedom and energetic creativity encouraged a fierce fashion vision: casual and contemporary pieces that breath out diverse cultural influences, while holding on to timeless values and trends.

She teams up with the traditional and local artisans in Bali as well as in Europe and each design is unique and tells a story. Their cultural richness and talented hands with generations of experience in crafting beauty, is what she chooses to give you. Every day they give the very best of themselves to be part of our brand, and your wearable story.

With every collection, she tries to free emotions and set values women can relate to, so they feel bold and confident in inspiring others, while creating thier own wearable story.